Take your #'s to the next level!

I know how it can be - Never knowing how many hashtags to use. Having no direction when it comes to which tags to use. Using hashtags but they're not getting you anywhere. Those feelings blow right?! Well let's change that today. Here are 5 reasons why your hashtags might not be working:

  1. You're using banned hashtags: Using banned hashtags might be one of the reasons why your hashtags aren't working. Instagram bans hashtags when the posts under the hashtags go against Instagram guidelines. When you use a banned hashtag, your post automatically becomes hidden which will hurt your engagement and reach. You can google “banned hashtags” to see the lists.

  2. You always use the same hashtags: You should use 3 of the same hashtags on every post but the other hashtags you should switch up between posts. There is not one hashtag group that will be relevant to all of your posts no matter how niche your content is. Make sure you switch them up!

  3. Your hashtags aren't relevant to the post: The Instagram algorithm is VERY intelligent. When you post a picture of pizza and using #helicopter the algorithm knows that your tag doesn't relate to your picture. Make sure you use relevant and niche specific hashtags.

  4. You didn't take the time to research them: Hashtags are not something you should spend all of your time and energy trying to figure out but having a hashtag strategy can help with your account growth. Take the time to research what hashtags your competitors are using, looking up niche hashtags, and use google to find other keywords that could relate to your content and be turned into a hashtag.

  5. Your hashtags are too broad: Using hashtags like #holiday or #marriage with millions of posts under the tag are not going to help your account. When you use a hashtag with over 500k posts under it, your post is going to be pushed down within seconds because hundreds of other posts are being uploaded to that same hashtag which defeats the whole purpose of using the hashtag. I recommend using hashtags that have 20k-450k posts under it.

I hope these tips were helpful! Now it's time to go out and implement them!

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