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My Biggest Mistakes In Business - Learn From Them

As usher would say, these are my CONFESSIONS. 😰

I’ve been a Freelance Social Coach + Designer for years.

Here are my biggest mistakes and how you can learn from them.

Over the last 4 years of my business journey you could say I’ve learned A LOT.

#1 MISTAKE - Doing it all on my own.

Hire a mentor, network, collaborate and build relationships within your community. It’s supportive and inspirational this way. Motivate each other.

#2 MISTAKE - Ignoring Feedback

I used to take client feedback personally and never from a business point of vi

There is always a lesson and opportunity for growth. Learn from it.

#3 MISTAKE - Undervaluing myself

Hands up if you accepted more work than what was proposed because you wanted to be the ‘nice guy’. Sorry, but that doesn’t pay the bills girl.

Price your services based on your skills, experience, knowledge and the value you provide.

(Trust me when I say - It’s more than you think)

#4 MISTAKE - Neglecting myself and having zero boundaries.

I used to burn out, hard. I would always be available for everyone at any time. Don’t fall into that trap, please.

Use these turning points for your own success. You’ve got this!

I have now really found my WHY and stepped into that as I’ve refined and learnt what I do like and what I don’t like.

Don’t want to make the same mistakes?

All of this is included in my 1:1 Coaching. We go through finding your WHY and how you can develop and create a more aligned strategy that fits well with your personality and goals. Bringing your community and ideal client closer to finding you. 🤝

If this resonates, send me a DM me let’s chat. 💌

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